HTML Forms

Forms are everywhere on the internet. For entering your search into Google, to paying with your credit card at checkout. Let’s dive into how to build an HTML form. HTML Form Tags Forms are defined with the <form> tag. They almost always include two attributes: action & method. Let’s take a look at this example: … Read more

HTML Tables With Cheatsheet

Welcome to day 2 of your 90 days of web development. In this lecture we’re talking about HTML tables. What are tables in HTML? This Is A Table This is a table in HTML! Tables are used to display tabular data. A while ago, developers used tables for layouts, but that’s no longer recommended. You … Read more

Setup Your Computer For Web Development

Let’s setup your computer so it’s ready to code. In this tutorial, I’ll be showing you the Atom text editor for coding. Watch this video to see how to get yourself setup. Code Explained HTML stands for HyperText Markup Language. It’s used to create every webpage. It defines the structure and the content of a … Read more

HTML Basics With Cheatsheet

In this lecture, we’re going to cover HTML basics. If you haven’t setup your computer for web development already, check out my set up post here. What is HTML? HTML is the structure & content of the webpage. This includes the words, buttons, images, lists, forms and more. It does not include styling like padding, … Read more

Become A Full-Stack JavaScript Web Developer In 90 Days

If you had to learn web development today, what would that look like? Here’s what you need to know. This high-level guide assumes no previous programming knowledge and is perfect for somebody looking to switch into tech or software development. What’s A Stack? Why Is It Full? First off, what is a full-stack developer? What’s … Read more

Python Developer Roadmap

Getting started with coding is hard. Without clear direction, it’s easy to get lost, frustrated and quit. That’s why we created this Python Developer Roadmap. It’s a high-level overview of the Python concepts you’ll need to learn. Now let’s walk through each of the steps… Setup & Install This is the very first step. You’re … Read more